May 25, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Criminal Justice, BS

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At PennWest University, as a criminal justice major, you will learn from faculty scholars and skilled professionals with extensive career experience in criminal justice. In the B.S. in Criminal Justice program, the goal is to introduce you to the major functions and operations of the criminal justice field, examine components of the justice system, and understand the legal system in America through the eyes of those working in law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Students at PennWest University can opt for a general criminal justice program with no declared concentration or choose one of our four concentrations.  Concentrations include criminology, forensic investigation and cyber forensics, homeland and international security, and law and justice.
The B.S. in Criminal Justice program brings together liberal arts and professional courses to develop your critical thinking and communication skills. Graduates are well-prepared to pursue leadership positions in law enforcement and justice-related professions.

If your interest is focused on the vital areas of homeland and international security, PennWest can prepare you for a solid career through the specialized study of the major components and operations of security within criminal justice. For those interested in forensic investigation and cyber forensics,  our advanced, hands-on training is integral to PennWest’s forensic investigations degree.

For those seeking law enforcement careers or plan to pursue law school, the B.S. in Criminal Justice with a law and justice concentration is excellent preparation for law or graduate school as well as gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully enter into federal and state law enforcement positions. If you want in-depth study in criminology, PennWest  can provide you with a strong foundation in this specialized field. You will learn from criminologists whose goal is to introduce you to the major functions and operations of the criminal justice field and examine criminal behavior in the field of criminology.

Become a top criminal justice professional with specialized knowledge and in-demand skills!

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and apply major discipline-specific concepts, techniques, theories, policies, practices, and ethical principles to real-world situations related to criminal justice, criminology, and the student’s chosen occupation.
  • Examine current issues impacting the various branches of the American Criminal Justice System, develop solutions to overcome the issues, and use analytical and critical reasoning to defend the solutions. 
  • Recognize the importance of ethical behavior and respect for those with diverse backgrounds and demonstrate inclusiveness in applying these principles to real-world situations related to the criminal justice system. 
  • Apply quantitative, scientific, and analytical reasoning to draw and support conclusions related to criminological theory, research, policy, and application of law.
  • Use technology ethically and efficiently to identify and assess the validity and credibility of criminal justice/criminological sources of information and clearly and effectively communicate information.

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